How Much Does Road Repair Cost+D3089


Drivers are positioned for more misery because councils in Wales and England are facing a tremendous shortfall in investment in road maintenance and repairs.

Local authorities in England and Wales need to spend £12 billion to get their roads back in good shape.

This is according to a new report – the most recent edition from the Asphalt Industry Alliance’s Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey.

It says that the nation’s highways have suffered another year of underinvestment.

2 million potholes

More than 2 million potholes have been filled over the past 12 months in Wales and England.

But this winter’s exceptionally heavy rainfall is assumed to have a lot more than offset the impact of this work.

The alliance says, the catch-up cost of repairing the nation’s roads has risen by £1.5 billion, consequently.

Alan Mackenzie is chair of the Asphalt Industry Alliance.

He said: These figures are disappointing for everybody who has worked hard together on the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) initiated by the Department for Transport.

Government plans questioned

It’s thanks to HMEP that so many highways departments have successfully made the truth to their councils to invest in more repair in order to avoid further deterioration and costs.

To see that actually work washed away is discouraging to say the least.

The figures call into question the effectiveness of government plans, announced in last month’s Budget, to set up a £200 million pothole repair fund.

By competing local authorities rather than being shared around, the scheme has been criticised because the funds in it has to be bid for.

Prevention, not cure

Mackenzie added: The government recently made significant additional funds available to help combat the results of the relentless rainfall this winter.

But money spent on repairing damage never goes as far as money invested in planned, preventative maintenance.

It costs at least 20 times more per square metre to fill a pothole than it does to resurface a road.

The ALARM survey found that each local authority in England would need a one-off investment of £90 million to get their roads back in tip-good shape.

It would take an estimated 12 years to clear the backlog of repairs currently facing councils in Wales and England.

Compensation claims soar

The report added that government needed to spend an extra £714 million each year on road maintenance to get matters right.

To make matters worse, deteriorating road conditions have ended in a steep rise in compensation claims for private injuries or vehicle damage over the past year.

The total expense of dealing with and settling claims over the past 1 year rose to £31.6 million in Wales and England.

But nearly half of this sum – £15 million – represented the administrative costs of local authorities processing these claims.

How to claim for pothole damage

In case your vehicle is damaged on a poorly maintained roads, you may be able to claim compensation through the Highways Agency or the local council.

You can even claim on the comprehensive automobile insurance policy – although bear in mind this will be recorded as an at-fault claim so you will have to pay an excess and might lose some of your no-claims bonus.

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Local Destinations for The Kids

Living in Southern California, you are lucky. As being a side note, I think it’s important that you understand that my family lives in Boston, and they have been buried in over seven feet of snow during the last month! For those of us living here in sunny California, we can’t fathom such a state of affairs. Sure, we have now world class skiing and snowboarding within a few hours’ drive from Downtown Los Angeles, but thankfully, we don’t must live that reality every day, all day. In order to feel momentarily great and superior about where you live, check out this page.

Nearly 25in of snow fell on Boston on Friday night

This tantalizing image of snow will kick off our Southern California road trip tour and take us to Mammoth Mountain. At just five hours away from L . A ., this haven for snow bunnies and thrill seekers is perfect for any winter enthusiast, and is readily accessible with a new, 2015, hybrid Nissan Pathfinder. With competitive fuel efficiency that makes it especially myriad and attractive high-end features designed for your comfort and happiness, a rugged road trip with this “tank using a conscience” is a joy for whoever is driving and every one of the passengers. With minimal maneuvering, you can even take the family dog! If you’re heading up Mammoth way, you may want to consider getting chains for your tires, since they often have huge snow storms that make driving difficult.

DTLA 2-2

The last thing you wish to see in California is definitely an intimate look at snow if you’re like my parents. Don’t fear, there are more exciting road trips that begin in Los Angeles than you can shake a stick at. Wine Country is a personal favorite of mine. Santa Santa and Barbara Ynez are stunning destinations for the romantic couple or perhaps the food and wine enthusiast. You probably won’t need something so rugged being a Pathfinder, and I recommend the Nissan Sentra. It’s a wonderful sedan, loaded with all of the furnishings for safety and luxury which makes it the perfect getaway car. The best thing about it is the way it drives. It is actually so responsive and smooth that minute you turn the real key and start the ignition, you’ll feel like you’re driving on clouds, which is perfect for the long, windy mountain roads that will require to your destination. If you’re in the market for a whole new car or truck, get online and check out either Cerritos Nissan or to find the car of your dreams.

DTLA 2-3

The past road trip that I feel compelled to express is one which will take you over the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur. You will drive through quaint towns of towering red wood trees, and seemingly every shut off offers a view created especially for a post card. It is probably the most beautiful drive I’ve ever been on, and each time I bring it, I discover something new.

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Check Out The Pros and Cons of Owning a Jaguar


Nothing can beat Jaguars. They’re stylish, refined, as and classy undeniably British as April showers and Buckingham Palace.

For several years the manufacturer has wowed motoring enthusiasts with many truly outstanding vehicles. In fact, there are no really bad Jaguar cars.

However, the marque has set such a high benchmark over the years that its more modest offerings suffer by comparison.

The best Jaguars ever made: E-Type

Jaguar E-Type

Probably the most written and talked about Jag ever. This sporty sensation took the motoring world by storm when it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961. With its sleek lines, stunning good looks, a top speed of 150mph, plus a price tag close to £2,000 it quickly attracted a huge following. The E-Type is without a doubt an icon of the 1960s and although you can buy them second-hand you’ll need no less than £30,000.

The best Jaguars ever made: XJS

Jaguar XJS

A simply beautiful car. It’s as much of a head-turner today since it was when first introduced back in the mid-1970s to replace the famed E-Type. Jaguar’s first foray in the international Grand Touring class was priced at a relatively modest £8,900 and went on to be manufactured for 2 decades. This stunning two-door machine possessed a 5.3-litre V12 engine that enabled it hitting a top speed of 140mph.

The best Jaguars ever made: XJ6

Jaguar XJ6

The introduction of the XJ6 in 1968 was a landmark moment for the company. At that time the product range was confusing, with various models and engine combinations available. The XJ6 – referring to its six cylinders, with a choice of 2.8- or 4.2-litre XK engines – arrived with a new look courtesy of designer Sir William Lyons. It absolutely was also praised for its superior handling, as a result of a suspension system that provided a cushy ride for the passengers.

Minimal-best Jaguars ever: XJ6 estate by Avon

Jaguar Avon

What a mess. When there started to be a demand for estates, coachbuilders Avon came up with this absolute monstrosity based on the beautiful XJ6. You can’t deny it was practical but there’s no escaping the fact it looks as if a conservatory has become nailed onto the back of the auto. Looking back it’s surprising that Jaguar didn’t focus its firepower on taking on Mercedes in the estate market – at least it will have saved the world from such odious conversions.

The very least-best Jaguars ever: XJ350

Jaguar XJ350

Okay this car wasn’t horrific. It was perfectly respectable looking and the fact its body and chassis was made out of aluminium caused it to be technically interesting. The problem was that the appearance of the XJ350, which was produced between 2003 and 2007, was just outdated by this stage. It looked too much like the XJs of history, says Giles Chapman. It was actually a gentle evolution of those that had gone before and the world was just a little tired of that car. A face-lifted version – the Jaguar X358 – arrived in 2008.

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How To Spend Your Tax Refund


Truth be told, you’re better off not receiving a tax refund. Those funds going back to you means that the us government took an excessive amount of from your paycheck, eliminating your opportunity to spend, invest, or earn interest on that extra cash. So you need to adjust your withholding. Calculate the proper amount of witholding making use of the IRS’ withholding calculator.

Still, since a tax refund is commonly seen as a windfall, we provide you with our tips for what to do with a refund. The average federal refund this year will exceed $3,000, but our refund recommendations range from liberated to pricey.

For your residence

Paint your interior. Use one of the high-scoring paints inside our Ratings-some of the best finishes cost only $20 a gallon.

Create the right mood. Top-rated LEDs consistently come down in price, plus some top models we tested cost only $10.

Update your landscape. Pruning an overgrown landscape with a selective removal of plants can make a yard feel more organized, and clear the way for new plantings. Perennials are typically less expensive than annuals and fill the yard with seasonal blooms and color. Read more about how to fix the 5 most common lawn problems, and other lawn care tips.

Get a new refrigerator. If you love seltzer as well as your current fridge is around the fritz, you may consider putting your tax refund toward the Samsung RF31FMESBSR French-door refrigerator ($2,900), which has a built-in SodaStream sparkling-water-dispenser. Check our refrigerator buying guide and Ratings.

Set up a brand new gas grill. It’s the proper time of year to get your grill on with an all new gas grill that comes with handy features. We’ve also sized up the worst and finest grills that you can make the decision so much easier.

To your car

Improve your tires. New tires can easily make a measurable improvement in your car’s safety and performance. When evaluating new tires, focus on tires that do well in our tests for braking, handling, and resistance to hydroplaning.

Find a GPS navigator. You can get many of the same functions that the infotainment systems in new cars have by picking up a portable GPS navigator. Basic units priced at $100 and up from Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom provide helpful turn-by-turn directions. For a bit more, you obtain free traffic information. In the high end, you’ll find devices that add features such as a trip computer, Bluetooth capability, an MP3 player, and an FM transmitter.

Go with a GoPro.

For your tech interests

Capture it all. If you’re with your refund on an action-packed vacation, you can immortalize your surfing, diving, and water-skiing adventures with an action camcorder. The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition ($400) is our highest-rated action cam; the Silver Edition ($300) is a close second.

Impress your friends with your bleeding-edge geekiness. Put the latest thing in electronics on your wrist, and get a smart watch. The function-packed Samsung Galaxy Gear watch-it makes calls, takes pictures, and more-is great for people who already own a newer Samsung phone. The sleeker but more basic Pebble, which alerts you to incoming calls and messages, works jointly with any Android or iOS phone.

Buy an Xbox. Even nongamers will appreciate its other home-entertainment features: For example, the Xbox OneGuide shows you your video-watching options in one interface; and you can use voice commands to control it. Now you can have the Xbox One out of a bundle using the much-anticipated game Titanfall, normally $60 alone, for just $450 (marked down from $500).

For your bottom line

Pay down debt. According to surveys by the car-shopping service CarMax and Edward Jones, a great investment house, a large percentage of refund recipients will use their windfalls to spend credit-card bills and other loans. We’ve outlined several strategies to managing the debt. First, order of economic: Negotiate with creditors for additional favorable terms or to reduce what you owe.

Invest in your retirement. It’s too late to contribute to an traditional IRA for a potential tax break for 2013, unless you planned for it beforehand or want to file an amended return. But why not jumpstart your retirement savings for 2014? The maximum you may contribute to a regular IRA for any potential break on your 2014 taxes is $5,500, or $6,500 if you’re 55 or older. Check out IRS Publication 590, Individual Retirement Arrangements for details on your deduction eligibility, if you can stomach reading anything more about taxes.

Invest in a child’s education. Start or give rise to a 529 college savings plan. If it’s used toward qualifying higher-education expenses, the money grows tax-free and stays untaxed. And depending on where you reside and the plan you choose, your contribution could also qualify you for a state income-tax break for 2014. Such plans are only one element in a university-savings strategy; read Parents’ Guide to Saving for College for additional ideas.

Concept 2 Model D

For your health

Go for a row. Rowing provides a great full body workout, working your legs, arms, and core. The Idea 2 Model D (shown, $900) received our highest Rating. Or think about the H20 Seattle Wooden ($1,100) rower. It scored almost as high as the reasoning 2, plus it looks good and, because it uses water for resistance, it re-creates the sound of paddling on a lake or river.

Get a gadget. The Samsung Gear Fit ($200) is a stylish hybrid of smart watch and activity tracker. It appears good which is easy to use, although the apps for keeping track of your workouts are still pretty basic.

Schwinn Free Runner

For your kid and yourself

Buy baby and yourself a new stroller. When you run or walk for exercise, look at the Schwinn Free Runner (shown, $220), which earned a very good score for running and excellent marks for maneuverability. This model is safe, as a result of its top-notch one-touch braking and five-point harness. For those who have two kids to push around, think about the Graco FastAction Fold Duo Click Connect ($280). Check our strollers buying Ratings and guide for more details.

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A Guide to Dealership Websites


When the time comes to start your new car search, you may be at a bit of a loss. With car lots dotting the highways in most towns, auction websites, and classified ads, it’s hard to know where to start. But whether you’re looking for a new car or a used car, large, reputable dealerships are usually your best, and safest, bet. And if you need an easy foray into the world of getting a car, the fastest way to get feelings of what’s around is to peruse car dealership websites.


Almost any dealership can have a website that may be easily searchable. For instance, if you look up Riverside Nissan, you might find the Metro Nissan Redlands website, Here, you’ll find a variety of information about the dealership. Whether you need to know the lots’ operating hours, a contact cellular phone number for the service department, or directions there so you can visit to see a car, you’ll believe it is all on their own easy to navigate page.

You’ll also find information about any specials that the dealership is running during the time. From weekly newspaper ad deals to coupons for ordering parts or accessories, it’s all on the website. You can get informed about the staff before you visit,. That is amongst the greatest benefits of looking at a site. It’s always important to work with a salesperson which you feel comfortable with and you can understand a dealership’s staff on his or her site prior to visiting in person.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, you’ll be able to get to know what is seen on any particular car lot. Most dealerships keep their inventory regularly updated on the site so that potential clients always really know what they have in store at any time.

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Why Staggered Car Redesigns Are Becoming the Norm


Everything old is new again, as the famous saying has it. This is also true for carmakers and their marketing departments, which strive to offer vehicles that consistently pull in the big profits, in the same way when a model washot and new, and exciting. We’re seeing this as a developing trend, where automakers rely more and more on periodic updates to keep the dream-and the sales-alive.

One recent example will be the 2015 Toyota Camry, which has received virtually all-new sheetmetal. That exterior restyling, with every panel except the roof redone, makes the Camry look like a brand name-new car. As the existing model, marketed for 2012, wasn’t that old, that may seem odd. Consider, too, the Honda Civic, which was redesigned-badly-for 2012, then swiftly upgraded for 2013, and then designed with a new and more economical CVT transmission for 2014.

Midcycle changes for example those may be good for the automakers mainly because they forestall the drop popular that often sets in as being a design ages. A new exterior, here, a spiffed-up interior there, a brand new instrumentpowertrain and panel, or possibly a raft of desirable new electronic features can bolster demand. Chrysler has done this successfully with the 300 and the Dodge Charger, both of which are derived from the Mercedes E-Class sedan from two generations ago. Freshened styling and new powertrains have kept the Chrysler products up to date.

Because a car that hasn’t changed all that much is more prone to be reliable, this game of incremental improvements can be beneficial to consumers too. When you have all-new everything, there’s that much more that can go wrong. The best example of the curse-of-the-new comes from Ford. When Ford starts selling an all-new design, it tends to get some pretty serious teething problems, as was the case with all the current-generationFiesta and Focus, and Fusion. After that they’re fine, although it might take two or three years to work the bugs out. Well, usually. But a number of the luster has faded, as the public eyes the latest, greatest models.

We’ve often advised people not to rush out and buy an all-new design just because it’s pretty and contains neat new stuff to try out with. That’s still sound advice, especially since a brief time after coming to market, an all-new car might get some even cooler stuff the automakers had up their sleeves.

Checkout our videos below on some recent midlife updates.

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How Boiling Water Can Fix Dents in Car Bumpers


To save on mechanic costs, a DIY approach can help. And there are plenty of car repairs you can do yourself. By way of example, over at Imgur, user sxpnthr uploaded a guide about how he fixed a car dent with boiling water.

All you need is a teapot of boiling water, rubber gloves so you don’t burn yourself, and another pot of cold water. Pour the hot water on the dent, and while it’s warm, reach from the inside and pop it out. Then, while it’s in the original shape, pour cold water so it quickly cools down. Check out the full gallery below for step-by-step instructions with pictures.

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Avoid These Vehicles if You Want to Be Safe on Icy Roads

It’s winter with that period comes the inevitable icy roads as well as the corresponding fear about driving on these roads. In summery climates, there exists a chance for roads to ice over a few times per season. If you reside in a place where that doesn’t happen that much, you can just take that opportunity to remain in and catch up on Netflix, but living in a place where icy roads are really real – and very often – you need to actually shape your life around this inevitability and get an auto that is good in the ice and snow. Just about anything 4-wheel drive as well as better, AWD like a Subaru, and you can ensure it is through without difficulty. So that’s easy to know – but what are the worst cars for dealing with icy roads? Let’s explore.

Dodge Charger


The Dodge Charger along with its sister the Challenger are fantastic cars for most things – driving fast, impressing the type of lady who frequents the Sunset Strip in 1977, and guzzling gas like prices are dropping the way they are dropping. But if you want to handle the icy roads within your hometown, you need to steer clear from this rear wheel drive monster. Once we checked out the Charger at Dodge Downey, it was a cold and icy day, and we couldn’t even obtain it out of the car park. We should have just stayed home! Having said that, if you want a cruiser for summer, you can’t go wrong with the Charger – see for yourself at

15-Passenger Van


We’ll just go with the generic 15-passenger van here. Their weight vs size ratio is so bad that you will literally be unable to get up icy hills, or to control yourself as you slide down icy hills, though not only are these things always rear-wheel drive which is the worst for icy situations. These things have lots of utility, and in most cases they are laden with gear or people which will help. But if you are driving the thing around and it’s mostly empty, you are going to maintain to a world of slippery sliding hurt. If you’re in a band, or do any other project that requires a cargo or passenger van from December through March, make sure never to make any plans to tour in the North East.



The greatest irony of all time (well maybe not ALL time) is that Volvos, an auto that is designed and manufactured in one of the snowiest and coldest first-world places, i.e. Sweden, is very horrendous within the snow. It’s also rear wheel drive (sense a theme? ) and is an absolute failure at traversing snow banks or icy climbs (and climes). These things may last to 300,000 miles or more, and are easy to focus on yourself, which makes them popular among manly men within the north east, but the fact remains that if push goes to shove (and it sure will), these things are terrible in bad weather.

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EV Battery Has Packed Techonolgy


Currently most electric vehicles use either nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries providing a DC voltage as much as 500v, along with a power rating of everything from 18 to 50 kilowatt-hours. This is why you will need a charging station or a special kit to rapid-charge an EV battery. A typical household electrical supply simply isn’t capable of providing the amount of power required to carry out a quick-charge.

Li-ion batteries are actually preferred because, configured correctly, they can weigh less than half of the things a similar capacity NiMH battery pack weighs. Tesla’s current generation battery pack crams a great deal power into such a small footprint which they currently have the greatest energy density in the industry, then one pack could run a small house for a couple of days on one charge.

Tesla’s battery packs are unique in that they normally use thousands of 18650 form factor cells that are 18mm in diameter by 65mm long. The cells appear like AA batteries if you dismantled the battery pack. Tesla report that this form factor increases life of the battery and is more efficient for heat transfer.

The Chevy Volt, by comparison, utilizes a more traditional system of interleaved vertical plates packed together into modules, several of which can be stacked to form the entire battery pack – a T-shaped unit that sits behind the rear seats and protrudes down the centre of the car where a traditional transmission tunnel would be.

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When You Are In Need Of Getting Quality Car Online


1 / 2 of us use the Internet to help invest in a car. The explanations are obvious — we can research and compare inventory and pricing all from the comfort of our homes. Sound good? Since the market has expanded beyond our neighborhoods, we may become more susceptible to potential fraud, although it could be based on a recent study.

To protect your purchases and hard-earned money, you should consider the same common sense approach just like classified ads.

Here are seven ways to finding a quality used vehicle and avoiding fraud online:

See what others need to say. Find out if the Website listing offers seller feedback. Read over information regarding previous transactions and look for any comments which may alert you. Ask the seller for references when the site will not offer feedback. You want to ensure that the seller is honest and may provide a safe, reliable transaction.

Contact the owner. Find out just as much as you can about both the seller and the car you are interested in. If it has ever been in an accident, ask why they can be selling the vehicle, how many miles and owners it has and. If all of the service records have been kept, enquire about the condition of the vehicle and.

Get yourself a vehicle history report. Get a detailed vehicle history report from Carfax. The report will give you valuable information such as the number of owners, mileage readings, whether the car has been salvaged, declared a lemon and much more. Compare the information given to you with the seller for the Carfax Report. Many of the cars listed at sites like have free Carfax Reports.

Know the car’s market value. Get online pricing information from Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. In case the price is significantly lower, take extra precautions. Remember, if the deal seems too good to be real, it probably is.

Obtain a second opinion. It may cost around $75 bucks, yet it is well worth it to have a certified mechanic thoroughly inspect the car you happen to be serious about (and paying a lot of money for). Contact a mechanic in the community to arrange an inspection if the car is in another state.

Proceed with caution. Review the payment, shipping and description details. Make sure you understand everything you are signing. If a problem get and occurs all promises in writing, learn what actions the vendor will take. Never disclose private information such as your social security number, checking account number or date of birth.

Know your rights. Contact your state’s attorney general’s office to find out what protections you have just in case a deal goes bad.

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